Final Image WIP

Well I know I'm supposed to be doing my rigging, but I needed a stress relief from it.  It's really tiring at times, especially now with such a high poly model and muscle deformers and skin modifiers... etc. >_<

Anyway, enough moaning from me, here's a WIP for my final image for business.  It's really hard to create an image and have that image represent who you are but I'm giving it a go I suppose. :)

Here's the WIP;

I think it's summing me up a little.  I'm really liking the process of it and I think it's working for my favour.  I'm not sure whether or not to keep at it or add to it.  Sometimes more is less and less is more.  Not sure.  Your thoughts?



  1. This look's sweet dude :D the software looks fun :P

  2. haha it's only Maya and photoshop :p