Python [print "Learning Python in Maya."] *Hits number pad Enter*

So I'm starting the basics of Python scripting for Maya, although it can be used in other media I'm primarily focusing on one that'll help me with rigging. I've realised over the past couple of months that retail is not going to get me a job in a film/game studio and I really need to get my ass into gear. I've purchased a couple of books as well to go through during my lunch breaks and journeys to and from work but a lot of them require me to "follow" them point-by-point, working through as a practical. (Note, there will be a list of media used at the end of this post!)

I've acquired a copy of Digital Tutor's "Getting Starting with Python in Maya" video tutorials and tonight I've had my first practical into some basic Python commands.

First we have the print command. This command allows you to query your code to gain more information about it. You can also ask Maya to print out text and even solve equations. Another few tips included highlighting the code before running the command allows you to keep the code up in Python's input box without disappearing. Very useful!

Below are some of the exercises used in the video tutorial.
Example 1):
print "Hi! How are you?"(press num pad Enter)
Hi! How are you?
Simply using quotation marks you can have Maya echo what you want it to say. Not sure when this would be useful, but I suppose you could have Maya echo a particular command you've set it.

Example 2):
print 12/2
Now I'm introducing mathematics into Maya. I can use numbers without quotation marks and receive no syntax errors. Basically I've asked Maya to work out 12 divided by 2 and it has given me the answer 6. Clever Maya!

Example 3):
print 12/5
I've asked Maya to do a more 'complex' division, asking it to give me a decimal number. Now I am supposed to have a decimal in my equation in order for it to give me a precise division, but instead it has rounded down to give me 2.

Example 4):
print 12.0/5
Adding the decimal place after the 12 has now given me a more accurate answer (well, the correct one, as it is 2.4!). I suppose this is good for getting very precise angle numbers in joints and what not. Easy maths!

Last but not least, there is the comment command, which is defined with a hashtag #. This allows you to specify what code is what in your script without disturbing your workflow and keeping your script neat and organised. It's always good to keep a track of what you're doing in a script otherwise I'm sure it's easy to get lost in it!

Well, that concludes my first lesson into Python. :) It's very simple, but this small tools will most likely be a large help when I'm finally scripting!


Bear walk...

Okay it's not perfect but after not animating for a good 3 years or so I don't think it's a terrible attempt! I'm going to try to continue with some other projects of mine and possibly start to work with CAT. I've seen it's a lot easier than biped as you have more control with curve editor. There's only so much you can do with dope sheet and workbench!

Anyway... Here's what I've got so far for the bear. :)

Remember.. it's a WIP!


Long Time No Post.


So I'm trying to pull my finger out and get back into this business.

Retail is good but it can only take you so far - and I know it wouldn't take me any where near Disney or Pixar, etc. So I'm back in the game, ready to animate and rig once again!

So I've stumbled across a great website for video reference! I can't see anyway to download the videos yet but I'm sure there are still some out there.

And a YT channel:

Check it out! It's quite limited with animals but there's a fair amount of people on there (basic walks with different body forms, etc) which are good!

Happy animatin'!



Oh how I haven't missed this! :p But I have really, getting back into curve editor feels like tying a 2Tonne weight to each of my feet and throwing myself into the deep end.

Ah well, I'll get back into it. I may do a quick car rig and try to remember a few exercises from first year. (Goddamn I never know how to spell exercise!)

Any who, here's a rough playblast of the curves - attempt one! on the legs/hips;

The sticking key on the (how you look at it) right leg (so your right, not his) where there's blue is bugging me on that last contact to the floor. Need to sort that out! Also there's a few bounces and such I need to add into the hip movements to give him a bit more weight.

until then!


Tiny Walk Cycle WIP - Blocking

So I've started another walk cycle, kind of leaving the quadruped for the time being and possibly come back to it at a later date. Thought I'd brush up on my biped stuff using the Tiny rig.

Here's the blocking vid.

I have made a list of what videos I'll be showing next, they are as follows:

  1. Curves on the lower body - so hips, legs/feet, knees.
  2. Curves in the spine - lower, middle and top
  3. Curves on upper body - shoulders, arms, elbows
  4. Adding some animation in the neck/head area
  5. Final tweaks to lower, mid and upper body
  6. Adding extra animation in the hands - i.e. fingers and thumbs as well as wrist movement
So should be a fun few weeks.

I'm also keeping myself busy by exercising in between my days off working in Cranes. Should involve:
  • Swimming
  • Gym - cardio workouts
Aiming to do these at least once a week each. Starting tomorrow with the gym at 10:30 (jogging to and from) followed by the pool Wednesday at half 1.

Wish me luck! :)


Robo Walk Cycle!

Thought I'd show you a little robo animation walk cycle I made a few months back.

Front and perspective view. :)

Ta da!


Long Time No Post! (mark 2)

Wow almost been a year since my last post.

Sorry to report that I took a minor detour in animation/rigging and settled for doing work in a boring retail shop.
Well I want to change that!

So I've decided to pick up animation again. It's tougher than I remembered but I'm trying my best to start off nicely in Maya. I have been working on a cheetah/cat (because it hasn't got any reminiscence of a cheetah lol) which although is still a WIP please don't be too harsh on criticism.

OBVIOUSLY the Maya cat is a lot faster then the one in Max but it's a start.

Hoping to re-vamp this blog as well, I feel it's slightly dated.

Until next time.