Final Image... How Different It Is to my Initial Idea! :|

I'm too tired to write a lot right now.

I've almost finished the business work due in for tomorrow.  Just need to scan a few final image development pictures and I'm done. :)  WHOOP!

Anyway, final image is in my header...  but I'll post it up without the text.

It's really simple, I know, but the work I do is quite limited.  I make a skeleton, I make it move with controllers, I skin.  Pretty simple procedure.

Okay, the other version I have (with the font) is a lovely .png version with transparency, which allows me to post ontop of any background.  Will probably use it in my website.

Until then!

1 comment:

  1. this looks NIIIIIIIIIIIIICE! :D
    you managed to find a way of getting rid of the white then (thumbs up!)