Lighting Rendered Test.

So finally got my head around lighting. 4 weeks too late, but better late than never.

Was taking a gander at the "Essential CG Lighting Techniques with 3ds Max" book by Darren Brooker and it's helped a lot. A good dabble! Even though it was referring to key lights, etc. I went with a skylight, an omni and a directional spotlight and it seemed to give me a nice shadow. I'm quite happy with the outcome although the animation could have been better, but I can't do everything!

Shot06 - Boy Vs. Lollipop Vs. Monster from Danie G.P. on Vimeo.

Like I said, it's not brilliant, but I like it!
Deadline is tomorrow, feeling an all-nighter yet again! Won't be a perfectly animated film, but hopefully I'll get it all sorted out to a reasonable standard. Finally had the music given to me, it's not too shabby, better than completely silent! :D


Little background and Texture test.

Ignoring the terrible animation...

Little background test from Danie G.P. on Vimeo.

For when the monster is in the village the second time around I'd like the time of day to be something like this. So evening set, and for the beginning of the film, around midday/morning-ish. :D



Humbug New Texture from Danie G.P. on Vimeo.

Here's the final textures for Humbug.
Very pleased with this! Excellent collaboration work I do believe. It actually spurs me to animate him nicely now, which is a good thing. :) 2 weeks left now, not far to go, just need to knuckle down with my animating and hopefully the film will turn out nicely.

Probably update soon with a couple more shots in the first pass stage.

Today I had a surprise talk with an animator from Dinamo. Armano I'm sure his name is. Really nice guy, and I think he was on the course a few years back. I got a nice wad of feedback from him in regards to my film which was really helpful. We also discussed rigging, which is a side of animation I really want to dwell into. Could be freelance and get me a couple of jobs that way.


Until then!



Things haven't been going so smoothly since Easter finished. Unfortunately I was slacking a little with my film during the holidays no thanks to a certain essay and sketchbook which was due in the week after Easter. Thankfully, that's all over and all I have left to do is the presentation. :)

As well as my final film!

Progress on the film; having been behind, I've lost a good week or two for animating, which is a real shame because I wanted to do some post production work for the final week but now I really can't see that happening before my deadline!

Uploading the film onto Vimeo currently, so I'll update this post tomorrow once it's fully uploaded there. At this point I've managed to block in all the shots. A few of the shots are just rendered stills and I kind of left them for the time being as I thought to save them until the end. Blocking was fun, if not tiring. Pulled almost an all-night-er, hitting bed for a few hours at 8 AM and getting up for around 11 AM. But it's all okay now, today was our first submittal and I managed to slip the film in well under the set time.

Also, had another friend collaborate with the monster's textures and I've got to say, it looks the bees knees! It's something I wasn't expecting and surprising something I really expected! It was done so well, pretty much the style I was going for. Will show images tomorrow when I receive it.

Another note, the cave is pretty much done, just need to take the file off the guy sorting it out.

Finally, the film is coming along! What would be nice if I actually had animators to help me... Oh well. :O


And here's the film as promised. Feedback appreciated.

Sweet Tooth - Blocking from Danie G.P. on Vimeo.



7 Deadly Sins from Danie G.P. on Vimeo.

This was my first 2d animation, compiled in flash.
It's just a loop sooo... yeah... :D