Website Wip2.

So I'd thought I'd look at other work I'm supposed to be doing (besides rigging) and I thought I'd have a look at my website.

So here's the preview..

Naturally it's no where near finished, but I'm getting there slowly.  Just need to upload a lot more videos and sort out the layouts, etc.

In comparison to my initial site, I prefer this one a lot more as it's more simple, clean and effective (as my rigging should be portrayed).

Aside from that I'm now working on the Tank.  Last alien to go!  Can't wait to get it up and running nicely.  Hopefully (after a 10-5 shift in work) by the end of tomorrow I'll have the skeleton drawn out, back legs fully rigged and the stump arm.  Shouldn't take too long now, as I'm pro at IK set-ups (no thanks to the small alien!).  Then I can focus my time on the FK/IK arm, spine and facial controls.  Woop!

Until then.

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