I has tumblr. :)

Here it is!

I tried twitter, just didn't get it, and now i'm giving tumblr a go.  Seems pretty nice.


Also, as promised, I'd get a deform test up of the medium alien.  I ended up not bothering with the muscle spline and just created two extra bones for the shoulder pads.  Rigging armour is hard!  The finale cycle of this vid has the full body of armour visible.  You can see the issue I'm facing when the top of the body rotates forward, the armour is so rigid it just follows it through making it look like the armour is coming off.

Now, I've given the directors the maya folder to see what they think they should do and I basically gave them two options:
  1. Keep the armour rigid but then the animation is limited
  2. Make the armour flexible like for the smaller alien, so that it's almost like a tight, thermal wear.
I'm hoping they go for 2 and also drop the shoulder pads. :P  Or just have them invisible so re-skinning doesn't need to occur.

Anyway, video is here!

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