More Lighting scenes...

Not a massive fan of this one, it was my finale rendered image and I felt a little rushed with it. (Not sure how considering rendering photometric lights takes forever!).

Just another evening shot, same lighting just a different camera angle.

Super dark night time image of a guitar. Was merely an experiment with different camera shots.

And I save my favourite till last. It took me a while to get the light to emit off the screen and reflect/refract off the table... but after many hours I finally sorted it out, and I'm pretty pleased with the outcome!


The Joys of Rendering.

So it's the final week of Advance Tech and it's the lighting project.

Lets just say at the beginning I was really enjoying it. Now... The rendering allows me to go through a mind numbing experience. On top of that I'm also going through Lady's Flu (AKA Common Cold).

Any who, here are a few render shots from my room. Enjoy!



Bug project, first time modeling in 3dsmax. I kind of enjoyed it, rigging was much more fun than constructing! :D


RagKat development

So trying to improve on my RagKat design. I'm trying to sort out the body but I think I've got a head concept sorted. :D