Medium Alien, Completed! (Until someone comes up to me to tell me an issue...)

So the Alien (in my perspective) is done!  Finally.  Took longer than anticipated due to armour issues (which still occur, but the animators will sort out whilst animating) and to diving into my first attempt of facial rigging.

I'll admit, I do enjoy the facial rigging!  From that lecture Monday, here're a few pointers;

  1. Don't skimp out on the upper part of the face.
  2. Animators need the extremes.
  3. All the emotion comes from the upper face.
  4. Don't limit the controls.
  5. The more controls, the more control!  Animators love a lot of control; fine control.
  6. Narrow/Widening of the lips.
  7. Maya muscle in the face?  Hell no!  Will make the rig sluggish to animate with.
  8. 64 joints average for a decent facial rig.  This includes the head and neck; 2 joints for the head/neck and 62 for the face.  The more you have the more control.
So it's a little vague, but you get the idea.  Conclusion:  More controllers = more controller = happy animators. :D

And for the final medium alien movie!

Enjoy animators.  Hope it's easy for you to work with.

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