Just a bit of fun.
Inspiration: Mr. Kenneth Ghann ;)


Dribs and Drabs.

Sorry guys, I did promise a turnaround of the monster (Humbug) earlier this week but due to some modelling issues I've had no time to even rig the poor fella! As seen below the processes;

Take 1 Original:

Take 1 Tweaking:

Take 2 Tweaking:

Hoping to get a turnaround sorted for tomorrow; tweaked a lot of him myself with a lot of help from Matt (Techy-nerd :p) who's made Humbug look a little 2d-ish. ^_^ So I'm relieved. Also, Aled's finished the head of Lyol (it also needed tweaking -_-;) and results are brilliant. I've just had to sort the mouth (inside), eye sockets and teeth as well as a little bit of the hair and he's coming along smoothly. I'm so pleased, it's made me feel things might actually come to look really nice! Haha.

So what's left to do character-wise;

- Morphers
- Re-attaching head to body (plus resizing)
- Re-rigging head and jaw.
- Tongue
- Eyes

- Inside of mouth which includes: Teeth, teeth which stick out and inside of mouth in general
- Eyes
- Unwrap UVW
- Texturing
- Rigging; Legs, Arms, Hands; Fingers, Feet, Body; Pelvis, Torso, Spine, Jaw, Ears, Neck and Head

So quite a bit going on and I'm a few days behind scheduale, but I'm going to keep pushing myself to get it sorted. Hoping to get the UVW Unwrap done for tomorrow afternoon then sort out Humbug's eyes and teeth. Then onto the fun part; RIGGING! :)

Will post up a morph test for Lyol's facial expression sometime next week.


Few things of interest;

I think everyone should check out Atomic Robo! There are a couple of free comics online so hit them up. I love the art and style of the comic, the main character is very appealing to his audience, even for a robot. He kicks butt! :D

Also, check out his dA page; really cool Marvel work on here, this guy's got class!


Was just having a browse at the new Gran Turismo 5 trailer. Not going to lie, it's an absolutely stunning piece of work of a game. It's looks pretty damn realistic.

But just watching the trailer once I noticed a lovely rigging problem. Probably unnoticeable to the untrained eyes and even though it's not really a big deal it just makes you wonder how a high maintenance game missed out on a little attention in this area.

Okay the part is in the middle of the trailer. A car is just leaving the pitstop and the drivers fellow team members wave him off to victory. Some of the crew just aren't up to scratch! Took a little screen shot to show you what I mean:

Just a little hic-cup in a top gaming company. I know it's nothing big but that is still unappealing! Hopefully this'll be sorted in the final game. :P

P.s. Sorry if I've ruined the game :X

Catch Up.

Sorry guys haven't really been up to date with the blog'ing process right now but I'm hoping to amend that with a little update.

So the monster is finally modelled, although I need to have a glance over to see if there's any tweaking that needs to be done. I think in some areas it looked a little angular when I want him to be a little rounded. To show off a good side of him, naturally. Will post pictures and a turnaround up later this evening.

Secondly, I believe the cave is being built, hoping to get a sneak peek of it Wednesday. Then the environment for the village is slowly coming around. I've currently got two people working on it. Seems to be he trickiest one to work with. Such a pain! I think I was correct in following the animation path, I don't think I could have handled the artist strand at all. Modelling, UV Unwrapping, Texturing... UGH!

Got a few results back from Advance Tech. Mark2. Pretty happy with them all around. 2:1 for modelling, 2:2 for texturing and a 1st for rigging. As I've said before, I think rigging is a huge guilty pleasure. Possibly a little like Marmite too.

Well, the plan for this week is going to be around the following:
- Send of Pre-Viz sound
- Get all environments, scenes and props completed by the end of the week
- Begin rigging Humbug (aim to have him rigged completely by Thursday and beginning skinning the same day, should take over the weekend)

Week's been planned out so hopefully I should be seeing some nice results.