After the three years of learning through the University of Glamorgan, this final year really proved to me what I wanted to do for my future. I have enjoyed following the animations strand for the few years and finally settling on rigging I’ve thoroughly enjoyed learning this new technique to help better myself.

I have learnt a lot these past few months on rigging, researching and carrying out different ways to play out the techniques on making the animator’s workflow easier on them. Collaborating on other projects (which was my main focus) really helped me understand my role and work load as a rigger and also gave me a huge taste of what industry will be like which I’ve loved understanding from this course.

Thanks to the course, the people I’ve met and the new techniques I’ve learnt I feel I have become a better person and can’t wait to go into the real world to increase the levels of entertainment for others.

So all in all, I've enjoyed my experience on this course as I've learnt so much in all the different modules, including this final major project, which i've experienced a small fraction of what industry has in store for me.

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