Hello everyone!

I've got good news and bad news.  The bad news is I don't have any videos uploaded to show you my progress so far.  So I'm afraid it's going to be a long winded post of me chatting away about work.

The good news is I've almost completed my DaniSaur rig!  I'm so chuffed!  I have had this going on for almost a year (modelling it last year - thanks to Aled Matthews for that and the texturing) and finally my little personal project is coming alive!  Firstly I'll say what's left to do;

  • Skinning the facial joints to the mesh
  • Check all the skinning
  • Create a video showing all the controls and how the mesh deforms (which is what you'll be seeing up tomorrow :D)
Phew!  Not that much really.  Haha, and the textures are on it and it's all looking great.  Finally, I'll be spending most of my time tomorrow completing the Tinman rig, although, I'm quite sceptical about it and don't really want to deal with it any more...  Oh well, pushing through it really.  I've done a lot of the rigging already, I think it's a few tweaks on the arms, including stretchy joints on the left arm for the grappling hook and the head/neck controls, but the legs are done and the main body.  It's just the case of un-attaching the mesh pieces and skinning them to the bones again.  Sorry, just can't be bothered with it really, but I think it'll look cool in the end.

Anyway, enough with work, deadline is Friday so I'm quite confident I'll be able to get it all done and handed in before my miniature presentation on my blog, website and final image.  Then after that's done, off I'll go to buy L.A.Noire!

Until the next update, guys and gals.

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