Design a Character - Expressions

So a little break from uni work as I gave in my final business module work.  I joined a group on dA called "Design-A-Character" or DAC and what they do is have challenges every week to help design new characters, for yourself, your work or just leisure.

This week's challenge was about designing a character and giving it 4 or more expressions.  I jumped into this idea and this was my initial sketch up:

This is Tak.  He's a weird alien creature who's skin changes colour with different emotions, like a chameleon.  I gave him an oversized snout and a bit of a long neck.  I really wanted to push the faces of the character so I really tried to stretch the features about.

Then I moved onto the line art.  I used the pen tool in Photoshop (scanned in at 300dpi).  Took a few hours but it was worth it. :)

Added in the colour.  I don't know why, but yellow was the first one to come into my head.  At first I wasn't thinking of making Tak into a chameleon-like creature so originally he was going to be all one colour.

I decided to have a go with the black and yellow theme initially.  I kind of like this idea and may consider using this as a future modelling/rigging/animating project for myself after university is complete.  Just need to do some turnarounds of the little bugger! :D

Then onto the final submitted image!  You can see the colours I used to demonstrate the following;
Yellow - Neutral
Red - Anger
Grey - Shocked
Orange - Happy
Blue - Sad

Kinda cliché I know, but I liked the theme ideas.  Anyway I'm pretty happy with the results!  Now I'm done for my break and it's back to working on my personal projects. :)



  1. I love the design dude :D really nice body shape and its snout is awesome :)

  2. Thanks bud! :D

    I really enjoyed this challenge, also I fancy modelling him once we've handed in. ^_^