Humbug New Texture from Danie G.P. on Vimeo.

Here's the final textures for Humbug.
Very pleased with this! Excellent collaboration work I do believe. It actually spurs me to animate him nicely now, which is a good thing. :) 2 weeks left now, not far to go, just need to knuckle down with my animating and hopefully the film will turn out nicely.

Probably update soon with a couple more shots in the first pass stage.

Today I had a surprise talk with an animator from Dinamo. Armano I'm sure his name is. Really nice guy, and I think he was on the course a few years back. I got a nice wad of feedback from him in regards to my film which was really helpful. We also discussed rigging, which is a side of animation I really want to dwell into. Could be freelance and get me a couple of jobs that way.


Until then!

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