Riggers Ahoy!

Hello everyone,

Major project has just begun.  I've thought about this for a while and I'm really keen on rigging!  Checked out my briefing for the riggers and here's a list I've compiled over what I need to do in this year.

  • Facial Controller Setup
  • Cloth Dynamics
  • Hair/Fur Setup
  • Muscle System Implementations
  • Expressions and Parameter Wiring
  • Spline-based Shapes as Limb Controllers
(Okay I just copied that off the brief... but hey!)  Also I need to learn most of these in 3 different progams (or possibly two in one, two in another and two in a final one).  So I'm going to start off with stretchy bones, which I think comes under "Expressions and Parameter Wiring".  Firstly I'm going to look at it in Maya and then move on over to 3ds Max.

So beginnign in Maya research, I think I should dive into skinning.  I've already learnt how to create a leg rig so I'm considering getting a model off the internet and possibly rigging that and skinning.  I've taking out a few books to help me get started:

  • Inspired 3D Character Setup by Michael Ford and Alan Lehman.
  • Facial Modeling and Animation Done Right Stop Staring by Jason Osipa
  • The Art of Maya
Hopefully I'll be getting a lot of inspiration from these books.
TTFN dudes!

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