Catch Up.

Sorry guys haven't really been up to date with the blog'ing process right now but I'm hoping to amend that with a little update.

So the monster is finally modelled, although I need to have a glance over to see if there's any tweaking that needs to be done. I think in some areas it looked a little angular when I want him to be a little rounded. To show off a good side of him, naturally. Will post pictures and a turnaround up later this evening.

Secondly, I believe the cave is being built, hoping to get a sneak peek of it Wednesday. Then the environment for the village is slowly coming around. I've currently got two people working on it. Seems to be he trickiest one to work with. Such a pain! I think I was correct in following the animation path, I don't think I could have handled the artist strand at all. Modelling, UV Unwrapping, Texturing... UGH!

Got a few results back from Advance Tech. Mark2. Pretty happy with them all around. 2:1 for modelling, 2:2 for texturing and a 1st for rigging. As I've said before, I think rigging is a huge guilty pleasure. Possibly a little like Marmite too.

Well, the plan for this week is going to be around the following:
- Send of Pre-Viz sound
- Get all environments, scenes and props completed by the end of the week
- Begin rigging Humbug (aim to have him rigged completely by Thursday and beginning skinning the same day, should take over the weekend)

Week's been planned out so hopefully I should be seeing some nice results.

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