Business Work.

Hello!  It's been a pretty hectic week for me, first off with our pre-production deadline monday, followed by two excessive nights out drinking, a day hangover and finally closing the week off with out first business module course work hand in.

This consists of out C.V.s, cover letters and business cards.  so far I've done the C.V. and business card.  The cover letter wouldn't be so interesting but I'm thinking of writing to either Pixar, Dreamworks Animation and/or Blue-Zoo studios in London.  So here's the C.V. and business card! WOO.

Here's the C.V. closed up, basically the both bottom and top parts of the sheet fold upwards/downwards to show the inside: 

...and my name and C.V. are here! :D

This will be the (now) front of my business card, with my DaniSaur silhouette in the background of my initals.

...And the back of my card, showing all my simple important details! :)

Now onto the cover letter...!

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  1. So sorry I forgot to send you my stuffs. But by looking at what you've done I don't think you would have needed them. Only thing I'd say is have some more images but other than that it looks awesomes!