Long Time No Post!

So I've graduated now.

It's been a while actually, but I managed to leave my BA Computer Animation course with a brilliant 2:1! I'm so pleased!

For the past two weeks I've spent working for free in Blue Zoo Animation as a rigger, mainly rigging environments and a few side characters. It's been GREAT! Unfortunately I can't show you what I've been doing until it's all aired (which will be about February/March next year!) but I've learnt so much this past week and a half/2 weeks. :)

Few things to list;
Condition nodes (in more depth)
Blend shapes
Motion paths

I could go on, but I'll leave it there.

Anyway, I just wanted to show you a few things which have been emailed around the intranet there.

A guy who had been working for a French company posted a French series which has an epic amount of action, movement, story, character and extremes. The colours are beautiful and full of life, the characters are well made, brilliantly animated and well thought out and I'm immediately drawn to them all.

Show; Kaeloo
Audio; French (this vid has English dubbing which doesn't do any justice to the lipsync.)

It's so awesome! I can't wait to see it (not really giving a damn if I'll understand it)

Then there was a guy off Rigging Dojo who've put up an amazing CGI squash and stretch Roadrunner reel. It's just amazing, I feel like it's almost paying a large homage to a very awesome cartoon, they've served this show well!

Josh Carey - Rigging Supervisor Looney Tunes VES Submission

It's tres amaze! Definitely worth the watch. You'll want to work on it for sure.

Stemming off the Looney Toons, a Swedish company was linked up in the conversation. They have a clay-like feel to their textures, making the characters unbelievably fun to work with. Squash and stretch everything, trying to give off a stop-motion style with an almost 2D base but still retaining the CGI qualities/elements.

They've done a few Cartoon Network adverts which are freaking amazing! But take a look at the rig itself. I think as a challenge I want to build a mini character from scratch (simple but a very cartoon-y rig) that everyone can use and I can experiment on.

OMNOM! Amazing what you can do, aye?

And for now, I shall leave you with the uploaded vimeo videos they have done for Cartoon Network. Simply amazing!

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  1. .........LOL!!!!!!!.........that was funny ! i love them !