So just an update on what's happening...

It's Glammies Friday!
Business cards arrived TODAY!
I managed to get a weeks worth of work experience as someone approached my website and contacted me to rig a character for them.  Apparently I'm going to get IMDB credited as it's a "Hollywood Feature Film".

So that's pretty cool.  Got given the mesh yesterday and it has to be completed by Sunday, fully rigged, facial rig, cloth and hair (although I'm not so sure on the two latter...) and skinning.  Ridiculous.  Also, I have no idea how to do hair!  And as my girlfriend is down tomorrow, thursday and friday are pretty un-available.  Ah well.  I can always e-mail the guy and say what the score is.

So far I've:

  • Full skeleton
  • FK/IK on the right arm
  • IK on the right leg
  • Spine controls
Need to do (rig-wise):
  • FK/IK on the left arm
  • IK on the left leg
  • Neck and head controls
  • Facial control
I'm hoping to get the arms and legs (maybe the neck and head) done tonight and facial controls on saturday, as well as the hair and cloth.  Fun times ahead!  Apparently the "Hollywood Feature Film" is called "Pizza Man". 

S'gunna be lols.

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