Lioness WIP2

Just thought I'd show everyone my process on the Lioness rig.  I basically had to re-rig and re-skin this beast again last night.  So I spent the majority of the night re-creating;
- SplineIK spine and it's controllers
- Neck/Head joints and controllers
- Front and back leg foot rolls (to stop them sliding all over the place!)
- SplineIK in the tail and controllers

Soooo basically everything!  Ha.  Finally, today I've spent most of it skinning.  I've managed to get up to and further than where I left off the last WIP so I'm very pleased with my progress and feel it'll be enhancing my rigging speed. :)  It's still not complete mind, I have the head/neck, few tweaks on the back legs, tail and jaw to to and it's all set to animate.  Then I get to move on to the Alien VFX work.  Aled's finally finished his model so I can set that up to the rig.

And without further a-do, I give you the second WIP of the Lioness!

It's only a deform test so it's meant to look weird on the back legs. ;)

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