Wire frame! YEAH!

Dragon WIP4 wireframe from Danie G.P. on Vimeo.

Cool huh?

Got this little script off some guy on a forum, it generates a material you just apply to the mesh and it puts on a wireframe.  Not sure how it works but here's the code I found:

--wire 1.1 frame material by scrimski

meditMaterials[1] = Standardmaterial ()
meditMaterials[1].name = "WireMaterial"
meditMaterials[1].faceMap = true
meditMaterials[1].Glossiness = 0
meditMaterials[1].diffuseMap = Gradient_Ramp ()
meditMaterials[1] = "WireDiffuse"

--flag color

meditMaterials[1].diffuseMap.gradient_ramp.flag__1.color = [0,0,0]
meditMaterials[1].diffuseMap.gradient_ramp.flag__2.color = [255,255,255]
meditMaterials[1].diffuseMap.gradient_ramp.flag__3.color = [255,255,255]

--flag position

meditMaterials[1].diffuseMap.gradient_ramp.flag__3.position =4

--tiling off
meditMaterials[1].diffuseMap.coordinates.U_Tile = false
meditMaterials[1].diffuseMap.coordinates.V_Tile = false


meditMaterials[1].selfIllumMap = meditMaterials[1].diffuseMap
meditMaterials[1].selfIllumMapAmount = 90

Looks like they use a single block gradient and mess about with figures and such.  I don't get MAXScript.  But this is a nice way to learn.

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