Gaga's eye.

Thought I'd give the speed painting a shot. Ref: Gaga.

I had a go at this speed painting during final major hand in.

This is my character Humbug (Credit: Beth BH :P) who's the second main character of my short film. My other character Lyol: the (so we think) victim of the story. He's captured by Humbug after purchases a giant lollipop and going on a chase from the monster. He wakes up in a cave, un-aware of his surroundings. The monster comes at him, prepared to consume Lyol. The boy throws the lollipop into the monsters mouth *insert classic cartoon "thing in the jaw" sequence here* and after eating the sweet, Humbug realizes that he actually prefers them to children.

Lyol then takes him back to his village, his local sweet store. Humbug consumes the entire shop receiving a nasty, painful stomach ache from eating too many sweets. After collapsing, Lyol uses this opportunity to capture the beast. Unable to move due to being in extreme tummy-agony, Humbug is indeed captured by the villagers and Lyol is classed as the village hero.


Can anyone sense a little dark humour here?
Will upload working animatic soon.

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  1. That story sounds awesome!
    I really like the monster design too, though I think the boy's legs could use a little work :P
    Can't wait to see the finished product!