So, major project is upon us all (well all of us in the second year, most definitely!) and we've all had the choice of going down three different routes: Directing, Animating and/or Artist strand.

I found myself looking at the Animation strand. They said if you want to be an animator just take the animation strand for 2 years and you're close to getting a job. But convinced thoroughly by my 2D Anim. third years (no names mentioned as they know who they are :P) I took the plunge and headed straight for the Directing strand.

PHEW! Sorted out what I'm going to do for the next few months. Excellent!

The only problem was I needed an idea.
So on went the thinking cap (normally known as my original hats that I wear constantly) and I began the engross myself in deeeeeeep deeeeeeep thought.

I'd say by either Wednesday or Thursday I nailed a pretty strong idea.
So I don't give too much away, the story is based on a young boy who is reluctant to take his medicine. Sounds pretty... thrilling, yes? ;)

Currently I'm collaborating with my housemate Mat, who's assisting me on character design work as well as a few backgrounds (but I may learn to speed paint and get a few quick ideas).

For the rest of this week I'm hoping to get LAVs on the way and sort out a few thumbnails. Then I'll chop out the best parts of my LAVs to create a "LAVs-matic". :)

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